A New York City Hospital Negligence Attorney Fighting for People Injured by Medical Malpractice

When you go to a hospital for emergency or other medical treatment, the last thing you expect is to come out in worse shape than when you went in. But, unfortunately, hospitals and their medical staff often cause injuries, illnesses and death through medical malpractice. A New York City hospital negligence lawyer at Miklos Law helps people and families take action against those responsible for these harms and losses. Robert A. Miklos is a seasoned trial lawyer with a track record for maximizing compensation for clients through courtroom litigation and negotiated settlements.

Hospital Negligence In New York City Puts People’s Lives at Risk

Although doctors and medical professionals often are required to go through extensive training, they are not immune from negligence. That is particularly true in busy or poorly run hospitals where management and staff are not paying close enough attention or communicating with patients or family members about what is going on.  

Hospital negligence can take several different forms. A New York City hospital negligence attorney at our firm will tell you that certain cases are more common than others.

  • Emergency room negligence: Time is often of the essence in emergencies. Errors that delay people from getting the appropriate treatment for injuries or illnesses can have life-changing consequences.
  • Failure to admit: The negligent failure to admit a person to the hospital who needs medical treatment can be a life or death decision.
  • Anesthesia errors: Anesthesia is regularly used to prevent pain during surgeries, but its administration is complicated and requires a particular skill, training, and experience. Medical professionals sometimes are negligent in the amount of anesthesia administered or the required monitoring of a patient during and after anesthesia.
  • Failure to monitor: The failure to properly monitor a patient with vital signs, labs, and other tools can result in a delay in diagnosis causing further injury and possibly death.
  • Failure to communicate: Every member of the hospital staff has an important role to play in patient care from the attending physician, residents, physician assistants, nurses, radiologists to lab personnel.  Everyone must effectively communicate about the patient’s care and treatment.  Failure to communicate can cause injury and death.
  • Improper discharge: Releasing patients from a hospital too soon can have disastrous effects. Unfortunately, many hospitals pressure doctors and staff to turnover beds and get patients out to maximize revenue.
  • Sepsis: Sepsis is a severe medical condition when a person’s body has an extreme reaction to an infection. Diagnosis and treatment of sepsis and its source is a medical emergency that must be done as fast as possible.

How a New York City Hospital Negligence Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured due to hospital negligence, you have the right to take action against those responsible for your injuries. New York City hospital negligence attorney Robert A. Miklos can help.

At Miklos Law, we work aggressively to get the people we represent the money they deserve. We will thoroughly investigate your case to identify those responsible and build the strongest possible claims for money damages. 

Many times, patients and their families will come to us with questions about what happened in the hospital.  It is a common occurrence that when negligence occurs in the hospital, the patient and their family cannot get answers about what happened. The hospital and staff will not inform the patient or their family members. Let Miklos Law get to the bottom of what exactly happened in the hospital by obtaining the medical records and consulting with highly credentialed medical experts.

We will also work diligently to get answers and obtain the highest possible recovery for you and your family. We are pleased to represent clients throughout New York City, including in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.  We also serve clients in nearby counties such as Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a New York City hospital negligence lawyer. Se Habla Espanol.