New York City Construction Accident Attorney Helping People Injured In Construction Accidents

Construction work is dangerous.  Construction work and sites are common across New York City, but they can also pose a threat to people working on those sites and others nearby. Mishaps can and do happen, causing serious injuries and even death. Miklos Law is a personal injury law firm that helps people injured on construction sites get the full compensation available for their injuries. New York City construction accident lawyer Robert A. Miklos is a seasoned lawyer with a track record of maximizing money damages for the people and families that he represents.

Common Injuries in New York City Construction Accidents

Construction sites present a wide range of potential hazards to workers and others on the premises. Accidents can cause several different injuries. Some of the most common that we see include:

These and other injuries can have life-changing consequences, both for the person injured and their family. Although no amount of money can undo an accident, the compensation available to people injured on construction sites can help ease the related financial stress. An experienced New York City construction accident attorney can help secure the compensation needed for recovery.

New York Laws Protecting People on Construction Sites

Anyone who is injured in a construction accident has the right to seek compensation from those available, including the property owner and the construction company performing the work.

New York law generally requires building companies and property owners to take certain steps to protect people on a worksite. That means addressing hazards and warning people about those that cannot be addressed. Builders and property owners are generally liable for any injuries when they do not live up to this standard.

State law provides some additional protections for construction workers based on the inherent danger of their jobs. 

Section 200 of the Labor Law is common law negligence codified.  It requires all property owners and general contractors to provide a reasonably safe place to work while performing any type of construction, demolition, or renovation work.  If a dangerous condition exists on the worksite, it must be fixed to prevent injury.  If the property owner or general contractor is directing and controlling the work and dangerous means and methods are being used, they are responsible if injury occurs.  

Section 240 of the Labor Law requires property owners and contractors to provide certain safety equipment like scaffolding, ropes, hoists, stays, and ladders to reduce the risk of falls and falling objects.  Common examples of violations of Labor Law Section 240 would involve any type of gravity-related risk, such as a fall from a ladder or scaffold or a falling object that causes injury.  

Section 241(6) of the Labor Law is violated when a property owner or contractor does not comply with the New York State Industrial Codes.  These industrial codes specifically list out the safety and technical requirements of all work to be performed on the job. 

How New York City Construction Accident Lawyer Robert A. Miklos Can Help

Injured in a construction accident? We can help.  We bring lawsuits for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life as well as lost wages, lost union benefits and pension, and costs of future medical care.

Robert A. Miklos is a tenacious lawyer who will fight to get you the full compensation available. He will also work to efficiently resolve your case without a long and complicated court battle.

We are pleased to represent clients throughout New York City, including in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.  We also serve clients in nearby counties such as Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a New York City construction accident attorney. Se Habla Espanol.